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It is assumed that the first submarine in history was a barca Cossack 17TH century called Chaika, said barca could be sealed and submerge easily allowing crew breathe inside through tubes that emergian on the surface.

The first submersible vessel dated historically was built in 1620 by Corneluis Jacobszoon Drebbel, a Dutchman in the service of the King Jaime I of England, its oars-based propulsion not allowed a good maneuverability and speed, yet there are studies that claim that the first submarine was built in 1920 by Jerónimo de Ayanz y Beaumont.

After these first models the first submersible with internal combustion engine was created by Narciso Monturiol and threw in the port of Barcelona on October 2, 1864, and the first with torpedo tubes came in 1888 and was designed by Isaac Peral in 1888, its dimension of immersion was 30 m and is propelled by two propellers driven by an electric motor.

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