I can try
I can try

I can try


T-shirt with one of the most famous phrases of Superman, Is that cannot save them all because I'm not God... but I can try

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Superman (Kal - the) was born in 1932 in the hand of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, but the first comic appearance was in Action Comics No. 1 in June 1938, later appeared in radio serials and television programs, at least this is the story more real...

Kal - he was born on the planet krypton and his father Jor - he and his mother Lara Lor-Van sent in a spaceship to earth because krypton was about to be destroyed, once in the land of Jonathan and Martha Kent find and decide to adopt it, thus becoming a neighbor of Smallville in Kansas and putting the name of Clark Kent.

When he became adult went to work at Metropolis newspaper Daily Planet together to Lois Lane.

Since its first appearance it has saved the planet on countless occasions and like all superhero has his archenemy who is Lex Luthor in Superman.

It has been the film on several occasions with more or less success, and now returns with the Man of Steel movie.

This shirt has one of the most famous phrases of Superman in the chest and his shield on the back.

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