De t-shirt for those who belong to more than one faction

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De is the first of a trilogy of novels written by Veronica Roth and will become a saga of films of which de is the first one, the second novel is titled Insurgent and the third Allegiant.

De runs in the city of Chicago in a futuristic ambien in which the population has been divided into five factions or clans: truth (sincerity), erudition (intelligence), friendliness (peace), courage (courage) and self-denial (generosity).

The protagonist of the trilogy is Beatrice Prior to be raised in self-denial where generosity is its first priority, soon Beatrice da has that generosity is not born of herself but that part of the teaching of parents and this leads him to think that he is not like other members of his clan.

When young people met 16 years have been subject to an aptitude test and here is where Beatrice discovers that it is may belong to various clans, which is prohibited...

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