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With our shirt Today, we want you planteés something.

Throughout all life has a time, go to school, find work, make friends... but there are things that are putting off, set them ourselves to a future that we do not know if you will be arriving, without realizing we are leaving them to "another day" and of course maybe that day is late...

Morning may be late, it is best to start today

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They say that everything in life is predestined, but that is something that we will never confirm, may seem that things are happening to us according to a written plan, but if we going to try to take the reins, do what you have to do the first thing, but always have a little time for those other things that you would like to make riding, surfing, playing the piano, take a trip on a motorcycle, go skydiving, because you never know if tomorrow you can start to make them.

Today was tomorrow yesterday

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