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In 1972 the Kenner toy company believe a doll that my name is Blythe and it was completely opposed to the Barbie, Blythe has no known boyfriend or profession assigned, which opened the range of customization of the wrist without ningulna preconceived limitations, there are modifications of all kinds for this doll that can go from the change of the color of the eyes , up to tattoos, going to change hair and hairstyles and not the innumerable number of dresses...

Blythe dolls are inspired in Margaret Keane designs and as other similar of the 60 and 70 dolls their main attraction were their eyes, these can be closed at will and change color due to a handle located on the back of the head.

Unfortunately the Blythe had a great reception in its origins because the girls scared them big eyes and his excessively large head, but thirty years later resurfaced when the producer Gina Garan gave him an original Kenner Blythe and began it to be used as a photo model.

Since Doll has a projection amazing having crowd of followers around the world who even have their groups in Flickr where are the customizations performed to his Blythe.

Una de las Neo Blythe en el bosque

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