On unique T-shirts

How to define an obsession without appearing obsessed? I am afraid that you cannot. I've been working in the world of graphic design for over 20 years and I've always liked to wear t-shirts, I have many that I sometimes even discover some new... Some years ago I began to make my own designs, and of course, one thing leads to another... 

What if it was clear from the outset is that it would not sell something that does not like me, and why I choose the best materials to produce t-shirts, that as you do this, because testing, testing again fabrics, vinyls, transfer methods... to finally get the optimal results every time, and I do not say perfect because that does not exist in the manufacturingIt is always possible to improve some aspect of it, and that is what allows the unitary manufacturing.

If you have successful, garments are produced one at a time, when your order is received is when is factory your t-shirt, because we make it so, as you have said before so we guarantee the highest quality at all times, if there is a new type of support that works better than the previous one, immediately changed it and so you always have the best possible product.

We hope that our work philosophy is satisfactory to you and if you see that we can improve something do not hesitate to ask your suggestions on our contact form.

Enjoy Life, Do Live