Unique T-shirts a new Asturian E-Empresa

Today we interviewed Alberto Gombáu Singular Shirts company www.singularshirts.com and one of the latest companies to obtain certification of maturity Digital E-Empresa granted by the network of centres SAT.

Unique T-shirts www.singularshirts.com It is a website where you can buy how they say "t-shirts for everyone and for every day". But an online store is not only the Web, takes many things back and many technologies that must be used for proper management of it. For this reason, and to know if Alberto Gombáu was using the right tools I request the E-Empresa Digital certification, fruit of which are detectaron some improvements to make. Once done is got achieve the certification E-Empresa Digital 3-competitive stage. In interview is Alberto talks of e-commerce, business, social networking and other passions the world Apple.

What is Singular Shirts? did the idea?

Singular T-shirts is a company of manufacture t-shirts and accessories in a unitary way, we produce what we customers us demandn but in a unitary manner, i.e. without stock, this allows us to make and verify the entire process and avoid mass production which also obliges a monetization of manufactured series. The idea comes from an addiction to t-shirts and wanting to do things in a different way.

Since the centers SAT in recent years we attend many inquiries from companies that want to launch an electronic trading platform to sell online. that advice would give it?

They try it, to do all possible, to verify the results of these tests and tests that begin with another test, again mostly have to measure it all. Also to attend all the workshops that are made, even if they are repeated, always learning something new or the same workshop can be seen from another point of view.

Which are the biggest difficulties you have encountered when starting online store.? Has the transition from the world of graphic design to the world of the sale was complicated by Internet?

The biggest difficulty is patience, I'm used to that once I have a finished product so I can deliver and start with another job, now the method is different, I think first the product, announced, and then you have to wait it is sold. For my transition is relative because I'm still doing what I like, what I've changed is the production process and the support.

The attention that when you access the Web www.singularshirts.com no direct access to the store as usual, but is accessed the blog where you can find varied content although related with the thematic of the shirts what has led you to focus on it as well?

Well, we think that our idea is that designs do and who subsequently capture in our products try to convey emotions or moods, it seemed good idea to try to see where you take part of our inspiration, it seems to work, we have enough users who access the blog and then shop from any of the news we publish.

How do you promote the store? They help social networks? What do you prefer?

Well our main means of promotion are social networks, we are trying to make the biggest possible SEO work, but above all on social networks, the truth is that we use them all, from Facebook to Pinterest, through Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus or LinkedIN, even use Spotify as if it were a social network, we also like using new networks emerging as the newcomer BeQBe that find us very interestingthe truth could not tell, each one has its users, but if you had to choose one by the possibility that offers direct and transparent communication with usersIt would be Twitter.

What factor you think are the most important to run an online store, product, price, Web...?

I think that it has to be a little bit of everything, decided mainly confidence give the users and that the customer is satisfied with the product received, e.g. us with every order to include a backpack, nothing complicated, but very practical, we have had cases that some client tells us "hear that you have sent me a backpack that I've not paid" and is surprised when we tell him that it is a gift that we do as each orderthat kind of details like a lot.

Aside from the Web than other ICT tools are essential in your day to day?

Everything that could lead in mobile, for we all can serve as tool, since an application to take notes and record at the same time a meeting to a calendar where to store the actions that we do or the dates of the orders to do a follow-up of deliveries.

Changing a little third you are the President of GUM Asturias (Asturias MAC user group) where does that passion for Apple?

Well, the passion for Apple products could tell coming since he was born the Macintosh, I had one almost nothing more than they were available and I thought it was an incredible machine, up to then had other computers but Mac changethe concept that we had on how a machine has had to interact with the user.

Do you think of the new Apple products advertised on the last KeyNote?

On products that Apple is taking place after the death of Steve Jobs, a kind of strange feeling I have, on the one hand they seem logical evolutions but on the other hand I feel that something is changing and not for much better, the relationship with the user is becoming much more distant, but they are still a few Super products.

How could I promote Apple products in SMEs which traditionally opts for other systems?

Here I can not be impartial, I have friends who are PC or Android universe and whatever I have to do something on their computers give me a sensation of permanent uneasiness, since they have to have anti-virus monitoring files that enter or leave that you never know if someone can make an attack on your computer. It is what is reassuring in the ecosystem of Apple that everything works without problems, well almost always sometimes there's a little problem but nothing serious, they are also computers made to last, I have 10 years computers and still use them perfectly, I have even a Mac of the year 1984 that I use from time to time to write an email... The main thing is that the user of a system or another East comfortable en the ecosystem that works is Apple, PC, or Linux and the team that takes the maintenance of its equipment is professional.

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