Terms of use

With the shipping of an order the customer accepts the following conditions of sale.

It means units and euros.
They will be those who appear on our current rate at the time of the acceptance of the order. Sale prices can be modified without previous notice, being notified as soon as possible.

Orders will not be provided for less than 20 euros.

By the purchaser.

Any order exceeding 30 euros NET, is sent postage prepaid, to any national destination, within the peninsula.
The orders requested by courier, or by other ports other than which agency company. It has contracted, they shall be borne by the consignee.
For international markets, ports to be agreed.

Orders will be served free of charges for packaging, provided that the order conforms to packagings indicated in the tariff. Otherwise will be charged the corresponding packing and handling.

The goods travel, always, by account and risk of thebuyer, even in the case of special agreements.

Payment with Visa, Mastercard or Paypal credit card: the customer will pay directly safely in bank payment gateway, without that Singular T-shirts to intervene at any time or have access to the data during this process.

Claims of material will not be admitted within 5 days from the receipt of the goods, the purchaser. Under no circumstances we take care of returns of material not listed in the catalogue, regardless of their status.

You will not accept any return, within 30 days after shipment, that has not been previously consulted and authorized by the Sales Department of the company. As well, and in any case, only be used if they are sent carriage paid.

Limited purely and simply to the replacement of parts acknowledged materially defective by technical staff of the company, without any compensation is.

All the articles of our production are covered by civil liability insurance.

THE company reserves the right to ownership of the delivered goods until the buyerIt has not fully satisfied the amount, in which case be on deposit and custody. The goods may be withdrawn for nonpayment in the previously stipulated period.

The acceptance of our general conditions of sale, means, in case of dispute, the subjection to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Gijón, renouncing their own jurisdiction.

This releases overrides the former. THE company reserves the right to modify the rate many times as necessary, without obligation to notify its customers previously.

THE company reserves the right to modify all or partially any article contained in this tariff, without prior notice.