Can the t-shirts I wash?

They can not only be washed, they should be washed, thinks but that would happen if you pusieses a shirt a month whole as much that you like without washing it... maybe someone said you something...

Of course you can wash, our recommendations are as follows:

    • LavadoraWash t-shirt given turn, with the drawing to the part of inside (i.e. backward).
    • Wash with cold water, i.e. not at more than 30 ° C (voucher that you live in a place that gets very hot... your you know).
    • Do not use brighteners, degrade the garment and impair the design.
    • Do not use the dryer after washing, the dryer is one of the inventions more mortiferos that have been made to mistreat the clothing and shred it in ways that even you imaginary in your worst nightmares, warned you are... but if you can not imagine you think on your favorite shirt washed by hand by Freddy Kruger, bad roll right?
    • Do not iron on a subject, it is best that you iron it to the reverse and then review the sleeves once given spin, good provided that the sleeves do not bear any drawing.