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Sometimes do not have time to say all that we would like to whom we would like, but it is much easier with the emergence of social networks, the problem is that sometimes we 'engage' a little... put our tshirt Eat, Sleep, Tweet and let know on your favorite social network :-D  

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BBC premiere House of Cards in 1990 a dramatic series of political intrigues and subterfuge of power in the British Parliament, this series is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Dobbs. In 2013 streamin NetFlix video channel made a remake of this series adaptandola to American politics and intrigue "world", in this case as the first is obvious not always visible head is that sends and that information always is power... will be passing the same Apple now that it isn't Steve to control always eager for more benefits shareholders and who forget that Apple It is what is by its users--and not just a brand that it makes consumer products that shine...


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