If you work formated and also use InDesign you must have this t-shirt
TV series

Space: 1999

Who would not like to live in the Moonbase Alpha and piloting an Eagle

Coco Chanel

Has to do with Sesame Chanel fashion designer... our Coco Chanel t-shirt obviously!    
Movies & TV

Stranger Souvenir

T-shirt series TV Don't know if the reverse world really exists, but if I were so safe that we endeavor us some souvenir from there... and what better than a t-shirt.
Movies & TV

Stranger Playmobil

T-shirt series TV The series Stranger Things is set in the ' 80s and has clearly brought us souvenirs, including the Playmobil who gave us so many hours of gameplay... it will play the "Demogorgon" with the Playmobil world upside down?

Otra Educación

Podcast t-shirt Other education  el programa de Educación que está cambiando ya la forma de trabajar en el Aula de muchos profesores. Ahora tienes a tu disposición la camiseta oficial del programa, para todos los que creen que otra educacion... es posible!
Aero t-shirt Aérospatiale was a French company which, together with British Aircraft Corporation, were the creators of the airliner most rapid in the history of aviation, the Concorde, to date the only commercial aircraft capable of flying at supersonic speed.

IBM Vintage

T-shirt Geek Before having the logo designed by < a href = "https://singularshirts.com/es/buscar?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=paul+rand&submit_search=" >Paul Rand, IBM had another logo with a ball of typewriter < br />

Make It Better

T-shirt make it better You should always try to improve what we do, whether our work, our relationships, our growth as people... This t-shirt is for you every day you are trying to get ahead. < br / >
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