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MCMLXIX in Gregorian calendar... call it what you want but take it up, all you will stop to learn more about the 69.     A design of < a href = "https://singularshirts.com/es/51-lopez-perez-designer" >López Pérez Designer < /to >       
López Pérez Designer

Pura Raza

project graphically very ethnic, creates this composition with a particular purpose, be the coolest (the coolest) of your group of friends. In the central belt can put the text you want... personalize it!   Un diseño de López Pérez Designer  
Camisetas Star Wars

Star Wars Versus

Star Wars t-shirt All over the world have two faces, the good side always struggling against the bad side, all have a bit of Yoda and Darth Vader, the dark side and the force, must be fought every day...  
López Pérez Designer


Definition of "Holismo": doctrine that advocates the concept of every reality as a whole than the sum of the parts that make it up, I don't know if it has been claro...     A design of < a href = "https://singularshirts.com/es/51-lopez-perez-designer" >López Pérez Designer < /to >         

Eat, Sleep, Tweet

Sometimes do not have time to say all that we would like to whom we would like, but it is much easier with the emergence of social networks, the problem is that sometimes we 'engage' a little... put our tshirt Eat, Sleep, Tweet and let know on your favorite social network :-D
Camisetas Star Wars

The Force Side

T-shirt Star Wars El poder del lado oscuro es muy fuerte pero tu estas del lado de la Fuerza y el bien ha de prevalecer... pero elegantemente   
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A House is more than a building, but when you're in it becomes a home :-) This is a shirt inspired by a theme of Jaime Córdoba entitled "My house" we have included it in our list of Spotify ;-)
All have one side that is not so good... that smug side that sometimes comes out, the important thing is that we are not bad always, but nobody is perfect, well if you're smug (even at times and a little) this is your t-shirt
López Pérez Designer


Never 2 letters and a number could mean so much. It's the best combination with which you can dress and is... !YOUR!; because already well makes it clear, Jack Kilby 1958.     A design of < a href = "https://singularshirts.com/es/51-lopez-perez-designer" >López Pérez Designer < /to >

Pet Shop Boys

In 1984 Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe met in an electronics from King's Road store... that was the birth of one of the most successful of all time Pop groups, Pet Shop Boys make an electronic music carefree and very careful since his first hit "West End Girls" until today.
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