Camisetas Silicon Valley

The world of startups is complex and exciting, but it can also be crazy.
There is a TV serie that humorously makes us see the back room of what can be founding your own startup.
Silicon Valley tells the story of one of these startups that is born in an incubator (also very cool shirts come out).
In Silicon Valley we see how Richard Hendricks creates a compression algorithm that allows levels of optimization never before seen.
This can seem a sure success becomes a series of complications every time they try to advance their business idea.
Silicon Valley is a TV serie that if you are thinking of starting a startup or any other business you can not miss.
In it you will see how it is necessary to pivot the initial idea, the problems of investment funds, the fight against patents, the fierce competition of companies much greater than yours ...
And all this in a key of humor and with situations that many times will make you unable to avoid the laughter.
That's why we have some of the shirts that appear in the series, we can not avoid being fans of the guys from Pied Piper.
Each of our t-shirts refers to different moments in the series.
So to the problems of your startup add a new one, which shirt to choose ...

Camisetas Silicon Valley

Endless Flight

Series Silicon Valley leaving many t-shirts, Endless Flight is one of them, luce la Gilfoyle repeatedly.
Camisetas Silicon Valley


Hooli is Google as HAL is to IBM
Camisetas Silicon Valley


Aviator is a fictional company founded by Erlich Bachman that appears in the Silicon Valley series, this is your shirt.
Camisetas Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a series that shows the evolution of a startup, in the form of comedy in it you can see setting aside the comic situations as it is creating a company and the problems that are created with our t-shirt you're ready to start.
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