Mr. Robot Tshirts

Computers control the economy and many times ourselves ... and that's what Mr. Robot is about.
Mr. Robot is a TV serie about hacktivism.
In Mr. Robot the members of Fsociety fight against E Corp.
Elliot Alderson, his protagonist is a hacker with problems of delusions, depression and social phobia who works as a security engineer in a computer company, called All Safe and who will face along with his alter ego Mr. Robot the evil corporation Evil.
In each chapter of the serie we see Elliot fight to save the world of Evil Corp and himself from his madness.
We have designed these t-shirts different and original about the serie.
Each of these t-shirts has an explanation throughout the serie, inspired by some aspects of the characters or the plot of Mr. Robot.
If the television series has caught sure that our shirts will hook you too.

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