The other day @Jacinta_The_Cat told us that you wanted a t-shirt for lovers of cats, and we could not refuse, but we decided to join another of our passions, Helvetica, font and so has emerged our t-shirt Helveticat :-D  
Camiseta Vinilo Camiseta Vinilo 2

Love, Sex, Rock&Roll

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll es una canción de Ian Dury del año 1977... hemos cambiado las drogas por amor (a fin de cuentas también es una droga) pero mantener el sexo y el rock&roll... así que a disfrutar!!!   < /p >
Movies & TV

Back To The Future

T-shirt back to the future The saga of movie "Back to the future" with Michael j. Fox made us dream of a future of flying cars, aeropatines, and food that is single concinaba... but there are things that have become a reality: flat screens, video conferencing, the smart glasses, tablets, drones... Marty everything is fine but I want my flying car!  
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Everything is Design

T-shirt designer Paul Rand is the designer who is behind some of the most famous logos of all time, in his portfolio are UPS, IBM, White Westinghouse, ABC... but also other less known as the NEXT the company Steve Jobs founded after leaving Apple. Esta es nuestra camiseta homenaje, si quieres saber más haz click en el icono de "info"   
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