Make It Better

T-shirt make it better You should always try to improve what we do, whether our work, our relationships, our growth as people... This t-shirt is for you every day you are trying to get ahead. < br / >

Eat, Sleep, Tweet

Sometimes do not have time to say all that we would like to whom we would like, but it is much easier with the emergence of social networks, the problem is that sometimes we 'engage' a little... put our tshirt Eat, Sleep, Tweet and let know on your favorite social network :-D
Pebbler On Wrist Pebbler On Wrist 2

Pebbler On Wrist

Revolution of the smartwatch is something unstoppable, but each model tries to differentiate itself from others, that is the case of Pebble, who was born a Kickstarter project and is one of the largest financing projects and faster history... Are you Pebbler?
According to legend the Inuit are able to distinguish up to 25 different types of snow, the reality is that there are more than 200 kinds of various snowflakes, but clear all do not fit us into a tee :-D
Read me


If something characterized the human being is the search, we seek to know more, to go further, to be better... Our t-shirt is for all of us that we are still looking for a why for all... 2014 was a year of searches, and this video of Google shows us what most searched
No matter if you're more ready, or less, more handsome or uglier, fatter or thinner, if you have 20 or 80 years, what we have in common is our skeleton, which fortunately us lasts for life :-D And clear what we have, but everything, is a skull (another thing is what we have inside) and it could not be of another way we have ours... and format 8-bit :-DDDDD
Movies & TV

Stranger Things Gang

T-shirt series TV Stranger Things is a series of Netflix directed by the brothers Duffer. History put us in 1983 with the disappearance of a boy of Hawkins (Indiana) in strange circumstances... from here the disturbing events and characters will have you glued to the TV.  
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