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Imagine for a moment that the story would have proceeded otherwise... that Russia had expanded their territories as a whole... that what we know as USA is now called Amerika... that would be comrade Mickey? If Rodchenko lifted head :-DDDDD

eSalud Asturias

What is eHealth Asturias? eHealth Asturias It is the collaborative initiative Health Social Media and schools of engineers technicians and engineers in computer science of the Principality of Asturias (CITIPA and COIIPA) put in place for the promotion of new technologies in the environment of the Asturian community health.  

Eat, Sleep, Tweet

Sometimes do not have time to say all that we would like to whom we would like, but it is much easier with the emergence of social networks, the problem is that sometimes we 'engage' a little... put our tshirt Eat, Sleep, Tweet and let know on your favorite social network :-D
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Run for Cake

Running shirt The running is fashionable, but why run? We believe that not everyone can like you run, but with all good motivation can be runners, for example, that such a prize at the end of the training... :-D < /p>  
Keep Calm

Keep Calm and Wifi On

In a world in which more and live more connected network access is almost constant that is one of the best things to have Wi-Fi to surf the wave of information... that is this t-shirt :-D Keep Calm...
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If something characterized the human being is the search, we seek to know more, to go further, to be better... Our t-shirt is for all of us that we are still looking for a why for all... 2014 was a year of searches, and this video of Google shows us what most searched
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