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Mr. Robot Tshirts

Mr. Robot

T-shirt TV series Mr. Robot is a broadcast television series on USA Network and created by Sam Esmail it Elliot is a hacker with schizoid personality disorder that will be recruited by Mr. Robot to fight against multinational corrupt.
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Catflix T-Shirt The television becomes smart with Netflix, imagine where you can get with Catflix. Because we all know that the internet was actually created to watch videos of kittens without limit, so if you have a cat this is your definitive shirt.  
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Cycling shirt The pedalling are intense, ascents of mountains are intense, open Tomb descents are intense, pedaling in a forest is intense, jumping among rocks doing trial without is intense... cycling is an intense sport. Are you intense? < /p >  
T-shirt Geek In 1972 Seymour Cray fundó una compañía de superordenadores con la que todo aquel que tenga un ordenador sueña, Cray Research Inc.  

Coco Chanel

Has to do with Sesame Chanel fashion designer... our Coco Chanel t-shirt obviously!    


When the situation gets complicated the best is to make a "Hadouken" If you do not remember their movements this t-shirt will do not forget you never Hadouken (波動拳) is a movement of the Street Fighter videjuego which means literally "Punch Tsunami" and if you do it at the right time your enemies will suffer an almost mortal blow.  


The other day @Jacinta_The_Cat told us that you wanted a t-shirt for lovers of cats, and we could not refuse, but we decided to join another of our passions, Helvetica, font and so has emerged our t-shirt Helveticat :-D  

Here Comes The Sun

In 1969 the man reached the Moon, but also published one of the most famous songs of The Beatles. Composed by George Harrison, < a hREF = "" target = "_blank" >Here Comes The SunIt was composed when the Liverpool group was in a turbulent stage of its history.  
Camiseta Vinilo Camiseta Vinilo 2

Love, Sex, Rock&Roll

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll es una canción de Ian Dury del año 1977... hemos cambiado las drogas por amor (a fin de cuentas también es una droga) pero mantener el sexo y el rock&roll... así que a disfrutar!!!   < /p >
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She's Broken - He's Ok

gender-based violence is a nonsense if same, cannot afford the control or abuse of one person over another in any case, if you are in this situation asks for help as soon as possible, for example the phone 016. Ni one victim  
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