Podcast t-shirt Zinematk es un programa de cine, para todos los que amamos las películas. Un punto de encuentro para comentar los últimos taquillazos, y el mejor cine clásico. Ahora, ponemos a tu disposición, la camiseta oficial del programa.
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You Only Live Twice

In 1967, opened the fifth of the 007 movies, with Sean Connery as James Bond, You Only Live Twice Bond girl begins with the kidnapping of a U.S. spacecraft by Spectre, this time was Mie Hama.  
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Yoga Groucho Style

T-shirt Yoga One of the most common poses of yoga is the Warrior side, what we knew was not as that same warrior would walk until we've seen walking Groucho Marx. Yoga in motion If you want to see the benefits of this form of walking here you can see...  
Camisetas Star Wars


T-shirt Star Wars Yoda is one of the most famous and powerful Master Jedi of the star wars. After his fight with Senator Palpatine took refuge on the planet Dagobah until the arrival of Luke Skywalker.  
López Pérez Designer

Yes Sir!

T-shirt militiaman style, with a design for both boy and girl, with which you will have a high-scale remote control and all the world will make you case (or not). You'll be the Captain-General of your group of friends! < /span >     A design of < a href = "https://singularshirts.com/es/51-lopez-perez-designer" >López Pérez Designer < /to...

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine is a song by The Beatles composed by Paul McCartney and performed by Ringo Starr who also gives title to a cartoon of four of Liverpool film.  
Marco Recuero

Wheels & Mustache

John Kemp Stanley was the inventor of the modern bicycle "Rover Safety Bicycle" in 1885. thanks to the large whiskers and the two wheels will be always trend.     Un diseño de Marco Recuero  
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Weissman Score

The computer file compression factor has a new unit of measurement, the Weissman factor:-D. This is our shirt of the Weissman Score which is spoken in the series Silicon Valley. If you want to measure yours try this web.

We Choose The Moon

Space t-shirt On May 25, 1961 the President Kennedy anunció en el Congreso la decisión de EEUU de ir a la Luna antes de terminar la decada. El 16 de Julio de 1969 la NASA lanzó el Apollo 11 que alunizó el día 20 de Julio de ese mismo año en el Sea of tranquility. Our t-shirt is a tribute to this moment.  
Has the sea that draws us all... will be his greatness, will be its color, its smell, its sound, its waves... Whatever it is we all love, seas or surfer this is not your Cup, become a Surf Rider... ;-) with this mug personalised with your name your favorite drink will be more favorite still :-D Welcome to Slow Life at QueMeDas ;-) < hr / >


In 1986 Alan Moore, David Gibbons, and John Higgins created the graphic novel Watchmen as a critique to the concept of standard superhero.
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Vote Cthulhu

Do we live in an age in which politicians make their electoral promises but that then hardly ever met... Since this is so because no vote to one that you know that if will meet them? Vote Cthulhu! Ordering to ensure you pain and suffering! Why vote for a lesser evil?  
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