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MCMLXIX in Gregorian calendar... call it what you want but take it up, all you will stop to learn more about the 69.     A design of < a href = "https://singularshirts.com/es/51-lopez-perez-designer" >López Pérez Designer < /to >       
Aero t-shirt Aérospatiale was a French company which, together with British Aircraft Corporation, were the creators of the airliner most rapid in the history of aviation, the Concorde, to date the only commercial aircraft capable of flying at supersonic speed.
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Alien Ships

Shirt Alien In 1979 came the first of the films of the Alien saga, it met the Weyland Corp. to Ripley, and the most terrifying xenomorph in the history of cinema... hopefully when we travel to the stars there is something like...  
Sure some step Comet near Earth... someone asked that computers more human, return more easy to handle... and then came the Apple Macintosh in 1984 and everything change... where will come the applevolucion?
In 1976 was born Apple as a company, since its evolution to been dizzying, its latest product is the Watch the essence of the most famous computer company in your wrist.
In the year 1984 was born the Apple Macintosh, for years became a design icon and was used only for a few, with the advent of the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, Apple has become popular and has lost colors... Our t-shirt will be to know that your take some time eating apples :-D
Camisetas Silicon Valley


Aviator is a fictional company founded by Erlich Bachman that appears in the Silicon Valley series, this is your shirt.
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