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Catflix T-Shirt The television becomes smart with Netflix, imagine where you can get with Catflix. Because we all know that the internet was actually created to watch videos of kittens without limit, so if you have a cat this is your definitive shirt.  
No matter if you're more ready, or less, more handsome or uglier, fatter or thinner, if you have 20 or 80 years, what we have in common is our skeleton, which fortunately us lasts for life :-D And clear what we have, but everything, is a skull (another thing is what we have inside) and it could not be of another way we have ours... and format 8-bit :-DDDDD

Mac User

El blanco y el negro, el Ying y el Yang, los Lannister y los Stark,  los Rebeldes y los Guerreros del Imperio... como en todo en los usuarios de ordenadores también hay dos bandos... los que usan Macintosh y los que querrían usarlos   
Movies & TV

Alien Ships

Shirt Alien In 1979 came the first of the films of the Alien saga, it met the Weyland Corp. to Ripley, and the most terrifying xenomorph in the history of cinema... hopefully when we travel to the stars there is something like...  
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