Vintage t-shirt A game of soccer was invented in 1929 in Liverpool called New Footy until 1947 that changed its name by the Subbuteo, there were also versions of rugby, cricket or hockey. < br />
Camiseta Vinilo Camiseta Vinilo 2

Love, Sex, Rock&Roll

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll es una canción de Ian Dury del año 1977... hemos cambiado las drogas por amor (a fin de cuentas también es una droga) pero mantener el sexo y el rock&roll... así que a disfrutar!!!   < /p >

Camiseta Transfer

T-shirt music The Rolling Stones son el grupo rival por excelencia de The Beatleswith Mick Jagger in front they started doing versions of soul music, but later began to write his own songs as the fantastic < em >Under My Thumb...  
Camisetas Star Wars

The Force Side

T-shirt Star Wars El poder del lado oscuro es muy fuerte pero tu estas del lado de la Fuerza y el bien ha de prevalecer... pero elegantemente   
Mr. Robot Tshirts

Mr Robot Binary

Mr. Robot t-shirt Information is power and in our digital world, that information is made up of "zeros" and "ones", on those digits can hide information... and Mr. Robot that topic, that of information, secrets and hiding them is...
Mr. Robot Tshirts

Mr. Robot

T-shirt TV series Mr. Robot is a broadcast television series on USA Network and created by Sam Esmail it Elliot is a hacker with schizoid personality disorder that will be recruited by Mr. Robot to fight against multinational corrupt.
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Snoopy t-shirt All cononocemos to Snoopy, the dog of Charlie Brown, "The Peanuts" his band have seen the imagination of the children in the comics for years, and we like it, we like imagination because all of us to a "peanut" inside... If you want to see your appearance as a "peanut" you can make your own avatar Here  
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It is quite easy, take a shirt that you already have and extend it, when it is well stretched, measure with a ruler or a meter the width from armpit to armpit, once you have that measure measure the height of the shirt from the neck to the bottom , and once you have these two measures, check the models and sizes section, so depending on the model of the shirt you want to buy you will know exactly what your correct size is.

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